Smart-HDL Magic DLP Switch

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Dear Lighting and Automation dealers and Installer,
I will introduce to you the latest Technology in the world, please don’t worry about your old technology cause you will see soon how it useless comparing to us.
Find the nearest dealer, or simply Become our dealer in your state or country, and be the firs who use our Magical Dynamic page LCD Panel
You can see some of the Functions and features of your future Technology listed down:
a- More control, Consist of more than 15 dynamic pages for all functions
b- Classical, single press Controlling the Light channel ON/OFF.
c- Convenience, Dim, Ramp the lighting channel (keep pressing function)
d- Advanced, Double click function to Run any mode scene or functions you like, Lift and Right press for different Function for each Button.
e- Powerful, Control scene and ability to dim the scenes
f- Real room Temp, built in temperature sensor, with adjustable calibration technology.
g- Minimizing, AC page controlling all type of AC units like relays, VAV 0-10 V, and split AC unit , setting your mode cooling heating fan speed , your desire temperate with Auto Mode.
h- Solutions, Control up to 8 others panel as slave for AC. Can be master slave, or master master.
i- Entertain, Controlling the IR for TV, DVD , and other Appliances, selecting movie and run the party.
j- More options, Controlling the curtain
k- Safety, Arming disarming the security system from your panel in Vacation, Away night, day, mode, with panic button, calling emergency and fire Panic.
l- Music control, you can see the song name album and Genres, select next track pause, play and change the volume.
m- Health, your clock alarm and medicine Remainders that trigger every couple of hours; emergency button to call your doctor and send SMS , this Magical Panel care about your health.
n- For Every Nationality, It supports all language in the world, English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Urdu and others.
o- For all ages, Friendly use, it support picture on its page for easy understanding.
p- Time is important, it have time and date showing in your LCD
q- Advanced Security, it can be locked by password or locked by other commands.
r- Remote control, it have IR receiver, controlled remotely.
s- Informative, it is 2 way for lighting security, AC, Curtain and music
t- Smart, Backlit and LED adjustable and auto backlit on depend on motion sensors
u- Flexibility, fit in all standards, Australian/US, UK, EP standards.
v- Easy to maintain, Screw less mountings using advanced Magnetic Attach idea
w- Elegant, Flexible finishes available as stainless, golden, glass, wood, Marble ++
x- Saving Energy, Time out default page and screen saver mode
y- High Quality, 8-24 V Bus Device, saving your wires money, and long range of operating voltage in case of voltage drop in long wire it still can work.
z- Need More !!, Much more from A-Z and still the list not finish more functions will be available always, all this in 1 small panel in the wall.
If you are interested, and want to be our dealer, please send us your company Profile and Application Form within 2 weeks.
Waiting to hear from you.
Leo Smart-HDL


Leo Liu
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